After School Childcare at Nobis Preschool

Our after school childcare allows kids at neighboring elementary schools to be picked up and brought back to Nobis Preschool. The children are encouraged to finish homework and other school assignments. Assistance is always available by our helpful staff.


The children are then free to occupy themselves by a variety of ways.. Arts and craft projects are always popular especially around the holidays. At our preschool, children are also encouraged to take advantage of our large play area.


As a quality childcare, we like to emphasize the importance of moral values, manners, and courtesy. We instill these qualities in our daily curriculum and activities so that our students have strong characteristics and excellent moral judgement. Guiding children this way allows them to be orderly and solve problems unaided and peacefully. The nature of this method shows us that freedom and discipline are two faces of the same medal.

For more information about our after school childcare, contact us at Nobis Preschooli, located in Costa Mesa, CA.


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