Infant & Toddler Daycare at Nobis Preschool

Here at Nobis Preschool, we don’t mind taking over some of the nitty gritty tasks that others try to avoid, such as diaper changes. Our staff members are trained and experienced with infants and toddlers, ensuring that your children will receive excellent and caring attention at our daycare. We even have a variety of ointments and other products we can recommend if your child has a rash.


Our daycare is experienced, certified, licensed, and qualified. For instance, our infant daycare staff is aware that cloth diapers are preferred by some parents. We take care of your child according to your preferences, ensuring proper and safe treatment.


Although kids will be kids, we do try to keep our home and your children clean throughout the day. Just like in most preschool environments, we teach children how to organize and pick up their toys at cleanup time or before they leave, a lesson that many of our parents appreciate. Even though at a young age, we want to develop their social skills at our toddler daycare. In our positive and warm learning atmosphere, our staff members are sympathetic and understanding to your child’s needs.


Our infant and toddler daycare specialists also ask about allergies and other environmental factors that may affect your child’s health. We keep a close eye on your kids at all times to make sure they don’t get their hands in anything that might be harmful to their health or safety.

Our childcare centers are designed to create a safe and fun environment for our little one. To reserve a spot for your infant or toddler, contact us at Nobis Preschool.


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